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May 2002 World Cup News

01/05/02 Injuries set to blight the World Cup
02/05/02 Ronaldo fit to play
02/05/02 Eriksson postpones squad announcement
03/05/02 Ecuador World Cup squad annouced
03/05/02 Pires hints at World Cup boycott
07/05/02 Romario will not star in World Cup
07/05/02 Voller plays it safe
07/05/02 Ireland rewards regulars with trip to Finals
07/05/02 Danish squad announced
07/05/02 Slovenia squad sticks with experience
08/05/02 Figo will play on through injury
08/05/02 Baggio likely to be ignored
08/05/02 Rivaldo will not last the World Cup
08/05/02 Baggio left out of Italy squad
09/05/02 Wanchope fit for Costa Rica squad
09/05/02 Eriksson announces World Cup squad
10/05/02 Injury threatens Clement's World Cup
13/05/02 More injury worries for England
13/05/02 Portugal reveal their squad
14/05/02 Beckham taking no risks
14/05/02 Gerrard out of World Cup
14/05/02 South Africa squad announced
15/05/02 England will not risk Dyer
15/05/02 Ljungberg rested for friendly
15/05/02 Keane receives treatment
16/05/02 Dyer back in the picture
17/05/02 Japan name World Cup squad
17/05/02 Belgium announce World Cup squad
18/05/02 Canizares will miss World Cup
18/05/02 Owen wants the Golden Boot
19/05/02 Poland name their squad
19/05/02 Cameroon squad contains few surprises
19/05/02 Nigeria name World Cup squad
20/05/02 China name their squad
20/05/02 Deisler will not play in World Cup
20/05/02 Captain Owen will lead England
21/05/02 Romantsev names Russia squad
23/05/02 Keane thrown out of Ireland squad
23/05/02 Ljungberg involved in training ground fight
24/05/02 England curse strikes Murphy
24/05/02 Henry will be fit
24/05/02 Rui Costa hopes to play his part
27/05/02 Zidane will miss two games
27/05/02 England's injuries healing well
27/05/02 Inzaghi to miss first game
28/05/02 Irish better off without Keane
28/05/02 France blame FIFA for Zidane injury
30/05/02 FIFA turn down Keane's replacement
30/05/02 Beckham fit for ninety minutes
31/05/02 France lose to Senegal in shock opener

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